Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is me


Hector said...

Hi Angela,

My name is Hector. I leave in France and I'm an 18 months old with DS. My mum writes on behalf of me. And I wanted to tell you that you're really doing great. You really look nice and sweet and beautiful when you have your make-up on. Keep going and hope life will be gentle to you !


DownTownDan said...

I just found your blog. It's wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing these videos!

DownTownDan said...

Hey Angela, hey "The Mom." :)

Please post more videos. These are extremely helpful for parents like me. Your videos are a glimpse into my family's future, and we would love to see as many as possible.

Thanks again.

got2nesa said...

Hello Angela,

You seem like a very nice person, your mother must be proud of you. I wish you all of the best, and hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Bless you and your family :)