Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My First Blog

I like to say its my life mom. My name is Angela. Im 12 years old. I have Down Sinrum. My friend Carly has down sinrum too. My friend Adam has down sinrum.

Next year I will be 6 grade. I don't know my teachers name yet. I visit my new school. Its big! I will see Jasmine my friend. She is in 7 grade. Monica is my friend. She is 6 grade to. Julia is my friend. She is 6 grade too. Not Eric.

My family. My mom my other dad dean, my brother Tyler and Noah and Robbie and Bryon are my brothers. I have 3 dogs Dudley Rubee Zurri. Other puppy name is Roman.

My dad drives a semi truck. I go see my brother Robbie in my dads truck. Its a long drive. Robbie lives in Illinose I live in Minnesota.

Thats it. Tomoro I will write more.