Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making a Donation

My hair has gotten very long. I can't brush it myself. Mom said it was time for a cut. 

The hair lady said it was long enough to donate. That means I can help someone who doesn't have hair to get a beautiful wig. They would wear my hair just like it was their own. Mom said lots of kids with Down syndrome have Alopecia or get cancer and the medicine makes their hair fall out. I said lets do it! 

I needed 10 inches for Locks of Love. Mom said I would need to grow my hair a couple more months to donate to them. My stylist said I only need 8 inches for Pantene Beautiful Lengths

First she put my hair into pony tails. I won't have ponies at school anymore.

Then it was time to cut them off! We counted to three. 1....2....3! Half my hair was gone!

Then she did the other side. 

I flipped my short hair all over. I love it!

Don't I look awesome?

New hair! Yay me! 

Tomorrow mom will style my hair nice and take a picture.