Friday, January 16, 2009

Riding my horse

I went horseback riding. I had the camera in the car. See me in the car?

I have new mud boots. I love mud boots. No horse poop on my other boots!

This is my horse Bud. He's brown. I like brown horses. He has a saddle. He has a bridle.

It was very cold outside. There was lots of ice. Sheila is my teacher. She held my hand. I won't fall when Sheila holds my hand. Mom can't hold my hand. Only Sheila.

Next time my mom will make a video. She promised.


Monica said...

Love the pictures of you and Bud I'll have to show this to Adam :)

Cathy said...

Hi Angela, I love this photo of you in the car, your so pretty, and growing up so quickly.

Your horse looks really big, I fell off a horse once, now I’m scared of them.

Love your Blog